1. Products and Services
  2. Drug Development
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Products
  5. Translational Imaging
Manufacturing Services
  • cGMP I-124, I-123, Cu-64, In-111 and Zr-89 nuclides for radiolabeling on your site
  • I-124 labeled FIAU (i.v.) and NaI (oral capsule) for investigational clinical use
  • Custom cGMP manufacturing of clinical radiopharmaceuticals
  • Custom-labeled biologicals and nanoparticles

Research Services For Drug Development
  • Expert radiopharmaceutical chemistry support (C-11, F-18, Iodine, Zr)
  • Short-lived tracers for functional imaging at our facilities
  • Long-lived tracers for functional imaging at your (or our) facilities
  • Custom-labeled tracers - label your drug or a probe for your drug's target
  • A wide range of expertise for preclinical and clinical studies.

  • Radionuclides for your labeling experiments (I-124 and Zr-89)
  • Short-lived radiopharmaceuticals
  • FIAU and NaI for research and investigational use
  • Custom labeled products and custom synthesized precursors

  • We help you consider the optimum strategies, including the option of not using imaging
  • Design support for imaging studies
  • Support to help you obtain regulatory approvals